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Mission Statement

 The Club:

The Fly Fishers Club of Orange County was founded in 1966 to further the sport of Fly Fishing and to provide a meeting function for area residents interested in the sport.  In addition to being a way to meet others who enjoy the sport, there were three goals in mind when the club was founded:

1.  Educating the public,
2.  Conserving the fisheries, and 
3.  Contributing it's resources in order to make fly fishing enjoyable and available to all who are interested. 

Since then the club has been working hard to meet its goals by sponsoring clinics and workshops, hosting noteworthy speakers, participating in conservation projects, and contributing its resources to various conservation organizations such as the Fly Fishers International and (FFI), Trout Unlimited (TU), Cal Trout, and the Nature Conservancy, as well as numerous other conservation activities directly beneficial to fly fishing.