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Life members

The Fly Fishers Club of Orange County recognizes multi-year outstanding contribution through our Lifetime Membership and the Lifetime Membership Award is our highest recognition.  Life membership is an honorary status and shall therefore have, for life, full rights and privileges of this organization.  Designation of those to be honored as Life Members shall be by vote of the Board.

Life Members:
Bill Blackstone
Mark Christine
Jim Edwards
Richard Fanning
Andy Frumento 
Charlene Hanson
Ray Johnson
Douglas Jones
Joe Libeu
Dale Lundquist
John Williams
James Wright
Earl Young

Honorary members

Persons whose actions are consistent with the aims and purposes of this organization, and who are deemed by the Board of Directors to be worthy of such distinction may be named Honorary Members, and as such, shall pay no dues and have no right to a vote. 

Honorary Members:
Barbara Rohrer
Lefty Kreh