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Fishing in Town (FiT): Impromptu Fly Fishing Opportunity in Local Waters

Wish to fish more but cannot because of lacking time, money, and/or experience? The Fly Fishers Club of Orange County (FFCOC) proudly launches a new program called Fishing in Town (FiT) for fly fishers at all levels. FiT is a multi-dimensional channel for local fly fishing opportunities that invite whoever interested and willing to join with no or little preparation, arrangement, or commitment.

FiT probably does not offer braggable fishing trips to blue-ribbon fisheries for trophy fish, but let you enjoy catching beautiful local/wild fish on a day or two in beautiful scenery with companionship of colleague fly fishers. Simply check the Club’s webpage, Facebook, or email announcement and join the one FiT’ing you.

You are also welcome to host a FiT trip to your secret, favorite local water, simply by:

1) posting an announcement (using the template downloaded from the Club webpage is encouraged),

2) enjoy the fishing with the Club members, and

3) post few photos of the trip on the Club webpage. Everyone, any local destination, and all kind of fish FiT’s!

Fishing in Town

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