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Conservation 2016

Trout in the Classroom

Demonstrations at Los Coyotes SchoolIf you are a teacher and are interested in finding out more about our TIC program, Please contact Melinda Burns @ 1-951-415-9920 or  

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Trout Release 2017 - Sierra VistaConservation Current Events

Club Members,

The articles below are to keep you informed of issues that could have an impact on the fishing community. The club does not take a position on the issues posted below. If any of the topics strike a cord with you, your opinions and/or involvement are solely yours and not that of the club.   


John Burns

Conservation Chair

California Waterfowl Association

Owens River Annual Clean Up
Bishop, California
Saturday, February 11, 2017
Meet @ 8:00 AM, Pleasant Valley Campground

Bring gloves and be prepared to help clean up as much of the Owens River as we can. Wear waders if you own them.
Bring family and friends! The more people, the cleaner the river!
Coffee and baked good provided for all volunteers at 8:00 AM &
Lunch will be provided for all volunteers at 12:00 PM
@ Pleasant Valley Campground.
2017 Sponsors include:
California Waterfowl Association – Bishop
Caltrout – Sierra Headwaters Region
Eastern Sierra Fishing Guides Association
Preferred Septic and Disposal – Bishop
Inyo Recycling and Waste Management - Bishop
Silver Lake Resort – June Lake
Trout Unlimited – Eastern Sierra Field Office
International Federation of Fly Fishers – Southwest Council
Talk it up. Bring family and friends. This is our chance to annually clean up Bishop’s blue ribbon moving water fishery.
For information on sponsoring or general information call
Chris Leonard. 818.288.3271.
San Gabriel Mountains National Monument Management Plan

Dear FFCOC Members,

Below is an email written by Bill Reeves who is a former member of FRVC and very involved with following the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument Management Plan.  The plan is quite lengthy (200 pages), but Bill has identified a few pages with issues specific to the West, North and East Forks of the San Gabriel Rivers.

This is your opportunity to have a voice in the future state of the San Gabriel Mountains. It is all of our responsibility to ensure this recreational area is preserved for future generations to enjoy.

The email below has some time sensitive dates beginning with a Webinar that was on September 10th ( I apologize for the late posting of this message ) and any personal replies must be sent no later than October 17th.


John Burns


Conservation Chair

Hello fellow fishermen:

I am writing you to today because we are in the public response period for the draft of the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument Management Plan. In the last draft plan there were only nine responses about either fish or fishing, which I consider a very low response relative to all the people that fish or care about the fish in our local mountains. If you are one who does not care what we leave for the future, you can stop reading now and leave it to the nine or so that responded last time. YOU ONLY HAVE UNTIL OCTOBER 17 TO REPLY.

If you only have a little time YOU CAN GO TO A.N.F. WEBSITE

 and read a summary and comment digitally. You can just say how much you enjoyed fishing in our forest and hope your offspring will be able to in the future.

If you have time to read the DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT I have made a few reference points for you that you can respond to and feel free to make more.

Biological Resources

1. pg.18-20                  The North and East Forks of the San Gabriel River were added to the Critical Biological Land Use Zone (CBLUZ) list. These where not on the prior list and why aren’t these CBLUZ bigger?

2. pg. 29                      I would like to have seen the remnant population of Southern steelhead the East Fork San Gabriel Rivers on the list.

3. pg. 40                      Surface water on the East Fork… who is taking the lead the SRWQCB or the FS? This is a decade’s old problem it’s been on the EPA’s list of the 10 worst polluted streams since the early 2000’s. The FS has had personnel and leadership changes in these years but someone has to make something happen for the sake of all the water users.

For years we have been asking for a new trail on the West Fork of the San Gabriel River to go around Cogswell Dam to fish the Upper West Fork after it was closed to thru hiking after 9-11 by Homeland Security and the Station Fire.

We would like to see improvements made at Crystal Lake Recreation Area and Cold Brook Camp Ground and maybe a new picnic area at Morris Dam.

If you have time while on their website sign up for the webinar on Sept, 10th 1-3pm.

If you have time go to one of the 4 public meetings. I will be at the one in Arcadia.

I thank you if you read this far and feel free to contact me about this issue.

Bill Reeves