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My go to fly has changed many times from several years fishing Southern Utah's mountain lakes to Argentina's Jurassic Lake the Buzzer has real fish appeal. This is a still or slow water fly. There are many variations of the buzzer; some with gills and others with side wing buds. Colors are all over the place but I have a singe combination I have much trust in.

  • Hook: Owner SSW Cutting point all purpose bait hood Size 2 -8.
    I also use Daichi 1160 in size #10

  • Thread: Size

  • Super Glue: Loctite Gel Control

  • Abdomen Mirage Large Opal Tinsel

  • Simple And Effective Buzzer

  • Flash Back Mirage Large Opal Tinsel

  • Wing Buds: Yellow Goose Biots

  • Coloration: Permanent Red Marker

  • Fly Coating: UV Clear Fly Fi


Smear a slight amount of super glues from behind the eye to deep into the bend of the hook.

Start the thread behind the eye and wrap into the bend but before you get quite there tie in a 8" long piece of opal tinsel and bring the thread wraps into the bend and back up four head spaces back from the eye, let the bobbin hang.

Wrap the tinsel forward to the four head space spot and tie off and bend it to the rear on top of the hook and make a couple holding wraps.

Tie in the two goose biots so either side with the tips facing down to he rear and the convex side out. Make several wraps f thread to cover the biots and the space from the eye to the tie in point of the biots. Fold the tinsel forward and tie off with a few wraps of thread. And cut the remainder free. Fold the biots forward from each side and let them crisscross just behind the eye on the top of the hook. Make several wraps of thread and cut or tear the tips free.

Color the back edge of the biots with the marker and let dry a few seconds.

Apply a slight amount of UV cure to the entire fly from deep in the bend of the thread wraps behind the eye. Add just a bit more to the thorax to build is a bit larger and cure with UV light.

You will thank me for this one.


John Williams