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Fly Fishing The Eastern Sierra Backcountry 

with Seth Blackamore



We have had the pleasure of hosting some truly dynamic and knowledgeable speakers that have taken us across the United States, Europe, Canada, Argentina, the Yucatan, and other exotic places, sharing with us their passion of fly fishing and what these faraway places hold for us as fly anglers. 


This month it’s time to come home – back to California and the Eastern High Sierra.  This is our home waters… many we have explored and fished, many still wait for our arrival.  As we travel north on US 395, approximately five hours from Orange County, we can find dozens of side roads that wind far up into canyons that all lead to countless surprises and magnificent viewpoints.  These roads take us to many trails that lead farther into the mountains and valleys that hold pristine waters, waiting for us as fly anglers to fish or just explore their natural beauty. 


Unlike most high mountain destinations, the Eastern Sierra is readily accessible by most vehicles or four wheel drive vehicles. Eleven highways cross the Sierra, making it very easy to fish our favorite roadside waters.  But what about those backcountry destinations that many of us have only dreamed about and never seen?  With a little effort and the right understanding about what these areas have to offer, they can open a whole new world to the fly angler. 


Our guest speaker this month is Seth Blackamore.  Seth is an avid fly fisherman, author, and photographer based out of Bishop, CA.  Seth has twenty plus years of fly fishing experience, and spends most of his summers exploring the beautiful Sierra fishing many of its backcountry waters.  In 2016 Seth co-authored ‘Fishin Trails 2’ with Jared Smith, a fishing and hiking guide for the Eastern Sierra backcountry.  


Seth joins us to share his passion and knowledge of fly fishing the Eastern Sierra backcountry.  He will discuss area information, what to expect, how to prepare, backcountry fishing tips and techniques, trout species identification, why catch-n-release, fly gear recommendations, photography tips…. and more.  He may even share with us his favorite secret backcountry water. 


Please join Seth Blackamore as he takes us on a fly fishing trip into the backcountry of the Eastern High Sierra. 


See you there… and remember to pursue your fly fishing dreams!


Andy Frumento