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Fly Tying Classes

The Fly Fishers Club of Orange County offers fly tying classes to its members to help them develop fly tying skills and enhance their fly fishing experience. The Club is fortunate to have several excellent regionally and nationally noted fly tiers skilled in developing and tying fresh water and salt water patterns who provide instruction for the classes.  In addition past classes have included regionally and nationally noted guest instructors.  

The Club’s classes vary in content and skill level based on the interests of the students and participating instructors.  Levels of instruction have included classes for students that have never tied flys before and students that have not tied for several years and have needed a refresher. Equipment, instruction manuals and supplies are available for these students. Experienced fly tiers have been grouped according to interest and skill levels and taught patterns that have been proven successful to the instructors.  These classes provide introduction of more advanced tying techniques and working with students to hone their skills.  More advanced classes and those with guest instructors typically have less instruction and more sharing of unique patterns with advanced skill requirements.  

Click here to see the schedule for upcoming classes.