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Fly Tying Classes 2018 Fly Tying Classes

Fly tying classes for the winter of 2018 are scheduled for 5 consecutive Thursday nights starting Thursday, January 11 with the last class on Thursday, February 8. The classes will be held 6:30 TO 8:30 P.M. at BOB MARRIOTT’S FLY FISHING STORE, 2700 W. ORANGETHORPE AVE., FULLERTON, CA 92833. The number of attendees will be limited to 20. Classes will be determined by the number of people participating and the student’s skill level. 

To sign up or if you have questions, please contact Brian Mayer at (562) 619-9169  or

2018 Fly Tying Program Description 

The Fly Fishers Club of Orange County (FFCOC) offers fly tying classes to its members to help them develop fly tying skills and enhance their fly fishing experience. 

The FFCOC Fly Tying program attempts to provide a framework of classes that progress from first-time beginners to advanced fly tiers with each level of instruction building on prior levels. 

Fly Tying Class Descriptions 

The goal is to accommodate up to 20 students grouped in four classes of up to 5 students each. Each set of classes will be offered in five sessions. The classes offered will include Fly Tying 101 (New to Fly Tying), Fly Tying 102 (Beginning Fly Tying), Fly Tying 103 (Intermediate Fly Tying), and Fly Tying 104 (Advanced Fly Tying). All of these levels may not be offered for a given series of classes depending on the interests and skills of students that sign up.

All participants should plan on attending all class sessions, be on time, demonstrate competence to be at the level of class attended, and practice fly tying (yes, homework) per instructor requests. 

Descriptions and Prerequisites for FFCOC Fly Tying Classes  

 Fly Tying 101(New to Fly Tying)   

This class is intended for students that have never tied flys before. In addition, students that have not tied for several years and need a refresher or students that feel repeating the class would be beneficial to their development would be welcome. The Club will supply all vices, tools, and materials for this class and associated homework. Students that have their own tools are encouraged to bring them.


 No fly tying experience is needed         
Goal to tie fishable flies

Fly Tying 102 (Beginners Fly Tying

This class is intended for students that have some fly tying experience, own basic tools and supplies for tying, and meet the prerequisites below. This class may also be appropriate for those who have tied in the past but have been away from the vice for too long.


Satisfactory completion of Fly Tying 101 or similar class 

 Demonstration of the techniques listed in the Fly Tying 101 Class description either by instructor recognition in prior class, samples of flies tied, or demonstration at the start of the first session.                                           

Fly Tying 103 (Intermediate Fly Tying)

The intermediate fly tying level will consist of multiple classes that focus on continued development of skills and techniques developed in Fly Tying 101 and Fly Tying 102. Intermediate students are expected to have a working knowledge of, and require limited assistance with, previously learned techniques and skills.


Completion of Fly Tying 102 or similar class. 

Demonstration of the techniques listed in the Fly Tying 102 description by instructor recognition in prior class or samples flies flies tied. 

Fly Tying 104 (Advanced Fly Tying)

Advanced fly tying classes will be offered periodically based on interest of sufficient number of students for a specific program or to justify inviting guest fly tiers to participate in the Club’s fly tying program. Participants should be able to tie a wide variety of fishable/commercial quality flies using common and advanced techniques. Curricula of advanced classes would be based on the interest of students or the unique skills of guest tiers asked to participate.


Completion of multiple Fly Tying 103 or similar classes. 

Instructor recognition in prior classes. 

Provide samples flies tied if requested.