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Pyramid Lake Outing March 13th,14th, and 15th 2018

In what has become an annual event, this year’s Pyramid Lake outing will be Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday, March 12th 13th and 14th. In an attempt to miss the bulk of the weekend crowd which usually clears out by Sunday afternoon we again will fish during the week, those of you who went last year know this worked out well for the most part. If fishing is off the charts all bets are off as the number of people will triple during a hot bite!

If you have never done this trip before you are missing out on a chance to catch what may be the biggest trout of you life. The lake’s native Lahontan Cutthroats average 3-5 pounds, with many fish pushing 10 pounds or more. In the past a fish 10 pounds or bigger was considered a trophy. Now thanks to the introduction of the longer living Pilot Peak strain that is much longer living fish over 20 pounds are being caught! If you are new to fly fishing the techniques are simple and easy to learn. We normally fish from ladders placed in the water at the proper distance from shore. There usually is nothing around you, but water. There is nothing to interfere with a back cast and nothing on the bottom to snag. You do not need to be a long distance caster as fish are sometimes hooked right at you feet.

Equipment that is appropriate for both kinds of fishing is usually two rods. A 6-7 weight rod with floating line for indicator fishing and a 8-9 weight rod for streamer fishing (a Rio DC 24ft. 250 gr. line is perfect). I will provide a more extensive list of what to bring that includes equipment, lines, flies, leaders, tippet and clothing in an upcoming e-mail. 

Daytime temperature will likely be around 50 degrees F. This is a very variable temperature as we have experienced 30-75 degree temperatures in past years

You make your own travel arrangements to Reno, fly or drive. It is best to arrive by Sunday as we start fishing EARLY on Monday. Please let me know that you have arrived safely, Jim Wright (714-679-6638). Rob will be providing breakfast and lunch on Monday and Tuesday breakfast on Wednesday, as well as step ladders to fish from. Cost of the trip is $250 per person for 3 days of fishing. I will e-mail a list of all attendees so you can communicate as to carpools, car rentals and lodging.

E-mail me ( with any questions or to sign up. I will also have a sign-up sheet at the Meetings in December, January, and February.



I am not sure of the final cost this year.