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Hokay, here tis. I was born one hot August night, 1957 it was,in Joplin, MO and grew up fishing. Mom, and especially my Dad, loved to fish. One of my earliely memories was of a big fish jumping on Center Creek. I realize now that it was a carp...Dad and I started fishing saltwater soon after moving to California in 1962


By about 65 we had our first boat. Later we built a boat from the bare fibreglass hull to be the quintessential fishing boat,and she was for many happy years. While growing up, we would take family vacations in the National parks. My favorite was Grand Teton and Yellowstone, and vowed someday to fish there. 


Fast forward some years and I came across an article in "Field and Stream" about Yellowstone and decided to revisit the park, albeit with a spinning rod. Without much sucess, I watched the fly fishermen and decided to give fly fishing a try. It was a blast, even though I didnt catch much at first. But with three weeks vacation,and another week leave of absence,I had a whole month of fishing the West Yellowstone area every year.


I did that until 1989, when I met my bride to to be, Marti. We were married in 1990, and she had the travel bug like me.She loved to camp,and we had a deal: if we hiked in the morning, I could fish in the evening. In 1998 we decided to "full time" in our motorhome and see the country,and hit the road. We saw a lot of country, and I got to fish about 250-300 days a year in all kinds of water, as we always seemed to be camped by a place to fish! Needless to say, we spent a lot of time in the Rocky Mountians. Sadly, Marti passed away in 2002 from cancer, a young 48. Nowdays I fish close to home, with an occasional trip to Utah or the Yellowstone area. 

As for the future, who knows. My goal is to catch all the different species of Cutthroat trout, and I've already caught six of them.