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 Melinda Burns

Past President/ TIC / FFI Liaison


 Melinda Burns




  My husband John introduced me to fishing back in the 70's when we began dating. (Yikes I am dating myself.) However, we did not start fly fishing until 2007 when we decided we needed to have a hobby or interest we could do together. He likes woodworking and gardening, and I am a quilter and computer geek. 

          So I found FFCOC on the internet after researching a few other hobbies. So we went to our first club meeting and it was a presentation on entomology. We couldn't figure out why these people stayed to watch this presentation on all these bugs. How many bugs did you need to know about. We now know why. 

         Since our 1st meeting we have bought so many books and DVD's we could on Fly Fishing and have been become obsessed with learning all that we can about fly fishing. 

        One of the best things that have happened since we started our new hobby together is that we have developed so many new wonderful friendships that I know will last a lifetime. I love all our new friends and I absolutely love donating my time to the club and learning all that I can from all the experienced fly fisherman. My dream is to someday go to Alaska and fish the pristene waters that await me.